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to provide class-leading solutions to gaming operators and system integrators worldwide.

We are enabling a world where accurate and compact software betting solutions unlock opportunities for enhanced gaming services that greatly improve end-consumer satisfaction.


ExeFeed delivers premium sport betting solutions and a full range of management services.
The Company is led by professionals from the betting industry who over the years have acquired a vast knowledge in the betting business and created products and services that can fully satisfy client’s needs.

Innovative ideas and quality management makes ExeFeed a strong and reliable partner in this field offering its partners and customers tailored and reliable services.


ExeFeed is solely focused on building successful long-term arrangements with our partners, with full awareness that we can only grow as company if our partners are successful and satisfied with our services. We recognized our competition was unable to adapt to the specific needs of the client offering them generic solutions rather than a customized approach. The exceptional high quality of service and understanding of our clients’ needs has led us to become an absolute market leader in the Balkan region. We expanded the list of clients in Italy, Turkey and with this approach we see the possibility for global progress.

Our mathematics – Pricing Engine

Others may rely on industry average but ExeFeed uses its own mathematic, Pricing Engine. This mathematical model has been tested on more than 1.000 000 events.
Calculating the odds in this way allows our clients to have a different offer, in order to stand out from the competition and adapt to different market needs. Customer satisfaction on both sides, bookmaker and the player, is the best indicator of the accuracy and reliability of this model.


Live feed is delivered quickly and securely in JSON and JARRY format.
The Feed functions by Posting (Pushing) messages to a given URL (IP/Port) using HTTP Post protocol.

ExeFeed is committed to unlocking new capabilities, new markets and new possibilities, whilst retaining a focus on enabling high-quality odds feed greatly enhancing end-consumer experience.

  • Service Level Agreement with our clients commits us to have uptime of the feed from 99.96% to 99.98% per month


  • Approximate downtime per month is 3,5 minute


  • Most of the interruptions are scheduled because of system update. We are choosing an optimal period in which there is the least number of events

The company has 100+ operators who monitor all matches and take care of the data correctness. Besides that, they monitor your sites and check if the sent information is being processed correctly on your side. Our team is available to support you 24/7/365. We provide instant answers to help you resolve any technical issues and prompt responses to any queries.
Above-mentioned measures are mechanisms for providing clients with a reliable and accurate data and continuous feed.

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