Company Mission – Goals

Main product provided by EXEFEED is odds. We are a company specialized in odds calculation, as well as creating applications for sports betting. Our focus is on making improvements on the client side, mainly profits and turnover rate, because we are confident our odds are spot on for every particular market. Company is led by individuals from the betting industry with vast experience that is used to create products and services that are market leaders. 

Why are we the best around – what sets us apart

Our main goal is to provide custom made solutions for each and every client. In other words, to provide the product or service to a particular market and to enable client to obtain product or service custom tailored to their needs. We create odds. We do not calculate average odds from other betting companies, and we do not rely on any model provided by someone else. EXEFEED uses proprietary “pricing engine”, which we strongly believe is the best on the market in the past couple of years. The proof of such a bold claim is in the satisfaction of clients from both sides, bookmaking and betting. What also separates us from the competition is the fact that we can adapt to the market, hence providing a solution that is custom tailored to clients particular needs. Regional betting is our service that empowers the client to have different products for different markets. 

Pre Match Betting

What we can provide to our clients is our feed with odds for pre match betting with selected margins and markets in relation to client needs. Also, our clients can use our pre match application to create a unique offering through their own selections.  EXEFEED doesn’t deal with averages, our goals is to place you on the top with our products and services. EXEFEED is a model where you get an opportunity to manage your offerings on your own. We provide you with a powerful tool, that you can use to gain competitive advantage in the sport betting market. 

Why are we the best around – what sets us apart

EXEFEED is able to provide you with pre match odds with the greatest range of markets, as well as the most precise and instantly updated odds. In this way, each and every client is safe with regards to acceptance of bets, while having the most attractive odds at the same time. What sets us apart is the fact that our clients can use our pre match application to independently and of their own accord go through this process. Current betting market is overwhelmed with too many identical models from the companies that are in the same market (Betradar, Betginus), pay huge amounts of money, and receive average odds from other betting companies, which in return means that offering is average and has no real chance of growth. 

At the moment, we have three sports for pre match betting – football, basketball, tennis.


Live Betting

Live sports betting feed

What we can offer to our clients is a feed with live odds to a minimum of 10000 events monthly. Clients have a choice to select the margin and specific markets, all dependent on their specific needs.  Our model for Live is thoroughly tested and checked, ensuring that you won’t experience issues like you do with our competition.

Why are we the best around – what sets us apart

EXEFEED is able to provide you with LIVE odds, with the greatest range of markets, with the most precise Pricing Engine in use. Depending on the client’s needs we can offer different options, from odds feed, to applications for POS, screens for shops etc. Where we excel in comparison to our competition is our rates. We are certainly the most affordable solution.


GOALRACE is a unique and brand new game on the market. We provide customers with an opportunity to bet on six events at the same time, and the goal is to guess which match will have the highest number of goals scored. We have three distinct options for betting within the GOALRACE game: GOALRACE Pre match, GOALRACE Live and GOALRACE Virtual.

The objective of this unique game is to guess which match, of the 6 offered, will have the highest score. In the case that multiple matches have the same number of goals scored, the winning match is the one with the lowest order number. Single, double or triple are all options for betting. As a part of “GOALRACE” we additionally offer a very engaging game, where the player has to guess the total number of goals scored in all 6 matches.

Live betting on 6 football matches in play. This makes everything so much more interesting, because with every new goal scored, there is a change in the game and a new favorite might emerge in the GOALRACE.

For all gaps in the offer, the periods when live matches are not available, we are offering a virtual game with virtual teams. There are 24 teams that are constantly rotating. New game takes place every 6 minutes. We are presenting the statistics of the last matches played, average number of goals scored, and similar information. This will give the punters the possibility of prediction for the events and it will make this game even more interesting.

We give customers the ability to create coupons for daily needs for the betting shops.


WINNER: the game with the most goals scored from 6 offered

DOUBLE: straight forecast (selections to finish 1st and 2nd match in correct order)

TRILLING: straight forecast (selections to finish 1st, 2nd and 3rd match in correct order)

TOTAL: total number of goals for all 6 matches

TOTAL123: total number of goals in the first three matches

TOTAL456: total number of goals in the last three matches

NOT placed in Two: selected match will not end in the first two winning matches

VICTORY and 5 or more goals: selected match will win the game Goal Race and it will be scored five or more goals on selected match.



Pricing Engines

EXEFEED uses proprietary Price Engines to calculate all events.

Why are we the best around – what sets us apart from others

Our models are used for a number of years and all markets have been tested on more than 100.000 completed events.

EXEFEED is a sole owner and creator of all Price Engines, making us a real partner in distribution of sporting odds for sports betting.


About Us

EXEFEED is led by professionals that over the years acquired a vast knowledge of the betting business. Our experienced and reliable IT team is key in supporting the growth of the company.

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